Hello Everyone,
I hope you are well, and your students are enjoying there first full week of school :)

So I am an avid user of google reader, a tool on google that collects posts from blogs and puts them all in one place.

I follow many blogs that focus on technology in education and I am constantly find great websites and teaching ideas.

On occasion I find a site that feel is worth passing on to you and that is the topic of this post today.

The site is called Zoodle.  If you sign up for an account with zoodle it will create a customized webpage with links to educational games appropriate for you child's age level.  It has levels of service of which the most basic is free :)

If you are interested, check out the link below.  It is the FAQ page, which really is the best way to learn what a website does.


Have a great weekend
Ms. Fosco